Girls Hiking Through the Woods

Our Mission

Treating candidates with dignity is important. In the increasingly impersonal world of talent placement, we represent our client companies through courteous interactions with candidates. We respond promptly to every inquiry, and we are available by phone. In addition, we have evening slots available for more relaxed conversations.

Our selection process is based on key criteria as prioritized by our clients. With over 5,000 individuals interviewed, we have refined our approach to move the strongest candidates forward efficiently. We conduct reference checks exclusively over the phone from individuals in recent key relationships with candidates. Pre-employment background checks are conducted on final candidates with their foreknowledge and signed approvals.

We provide guidance to our clients’ search committees on the best practices to successfully bring their search to its conclusion. We support the end process by providing balanced negotiations, if requested, to meet the needs of the client and final candidate.

Our clients guide young people to care for nature and enjoy the outdoors. Other development activities include STEM to further young people’s academic and career interests in those fields. Getting to know individuals of diverse backgrounds is essential to creating a caring community.

There is no cost to candidates to be considered.